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LEAP-Agri held its Final Conference (Senegal, 27-28 October 2022)

100 in presence and 85 online Participants


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Day 1 Programme

Day 2 Programme


Day 1 – October 27th, 2022. Starting hour 09:00 Senegal time, 11:00 CET


Moderation: Bernard Mallet, ex-LEAP-Agri Coordinator, France and

Prudence Makhura, National Research Foundation, South Africa

·         MUSBCEA

·         LEARN

·         MuVHA

·         NUTRIFOODS


Moderation: Rocío Lansac and Violeta Carrasco, and Elena Rodríguez, National Institute for Agricultural and Food Research and Technology (INIA-CSIC), Spain

·         WAGRINNOVA

·         PASUSI

·         AFRICA

·         PEST-FREE FRUIT 

·         AFRICA-MILK 

·         RAMSES II 

·         CLISMABAN 

·         OPTIBOV 

·         SESASA


Moderation: Jan Monteverde Haakonsen, Research Council of Norway (RCN), Norway and Maria Maia, Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT), Portugal

·         EATSANE

·         VITAPALM

·         METVAC

·         UNICARSSA

·         SERVInnov

·         CASSANDRA

·         ENTOECONOMY 

·         MycoSafe-South 


Moderation: Jacob Kamwaria Njagih, State Department for University Education and Research, Ministry of Education, Kenya and Monika Brasser, Dutch Research Council (NWO), The Netherlands

·         SPEAR 

·         STEP-UP 

·         NOUROCITY

·         FOOD4CITIES


·         ATMA4FS 


Day 2 – October 28th, 2022. Starting hour 09:15 Senegal time, 11:15 CET



Short-term objectives for the (LEAP-Agri) network the way forward for FNSSA collaboration

 Henning Knipschild (BLE)

LEAP-Agri reccommendation for long term AU-EU partnership in FNSSA

Isabelle Hippolyte (ANR)

 African Union perspectives

Dr. Monica Ebele-Idinoba, African Union Commission (AUC), co-Chair of the FNSSA Working Group

EU perspective

Magdalena Gajdzinska, Research Policy Officer European Commission (EC)

The AU-EU International Research Consortium Platform

Irene Annor-Frempong (FARA)

FNSSA actor’s session

Hamidou Tamboura (FONRID)

Knowledge Economy Foundation (Egypt)

Dorra Fiani

COLEACP Association of companies and experts for sustainable agricolture


Isolina Boto

Laiterie du Berger (Private company)

Arouna Diaw

Enrich Africa project

Sara Medina

IRN Casa

(Researchers’ network for Carbone sequestration in African soil)

Julien Demenois (IRD)

3 AO Alliance for Agroecology in west Africa

Mariam Sow

Moringa partnership- private investment

Hervé Bourguignon

Valorization and dissemination of LEAP-Agri outputs and outcomes

Maroun El Moujabber (CIHEAM)

Horizon Results Booster

Alessia Melasecche Germini (META group)

Green ERA-Hub

Maurice Heral (ANR)



LEAP-Agri Knowledge Sharing and Stakeholders Engagement Matchmaking event

ANR and MoEst, who coordinate LEAP-Agri, in association with the “Projects Follow-up and Monitoring” group of colleagues and the “Communication, Exploitation and dissemination of the results” group of colleagues, we are very pleased to invite all of you to participate to the

Matchmaking event on 15 and 16 December 2021 from 9:30 to 12:30

This event will be an excellent opportunity to address an important objective of LEAP-Agri, which is to facilitate as soon as possible the transfer and appropriation of research results by relevant stakeholders. The draft program is attached to this email, with the main objectives of this workshop:

  • To share research and innovation results and outcomes of funded projects with stakeholders.
  • Foster synergies between different projects, projects and stakeholders.
  • Engage stakeholders in more advanced activities to support knowledge and information sharing.
  • Illustrate the impact of projects on EU-Africa food and nutrition security and sustainable agriculture and aquaculture to stakeholders.




LEAP-Agri Project’s Kick-Off Meeting of ERA-Net LEAP-Agri Funded Projects

(8–10 October 2018, Bari, Italy)

  1. Background

The ERA-NET Cofund LEAP-Agri (2016-2021) is a partnership between partners from 18 European and African countries and the European Commission aimed at research and innovation on food and nutrition security as well as sustainable agriculture, including aquaculture. The partnership, coordinated by Agence Nationale de la Recherce (ANR), France is built on a European Commission’s instrument called ERA-NET Co-fund financed by Ministries/agencies from these countries with additional finances from the European Commission in support of the EU-Africa High Level Policy Dialogue on Science, Technology and Innovation (STI)1. The LEAP-Agri main objectives are:

  • The preparation and implementation of a joint call for proposals for collaborative R&I projects between European and African partners which will contribute to the coordination and increase of joint activities between R&I institutions, and their programmes across European Union Member States, Associated countries and African countries. 27 collaborative European African projects have been selected for funding by the 24 LEAP-Agri funding agencies, based on an international Independent Review panel evaluation and ranking..
  • The undertaking of other activities, in particular: the identification and test of innovative instruments for alignment and collaboration in research, innovation, capacity strengthening and infrastructure development; the communication and dissemination of results emerging from LEAP-Agri activities; the definition of a joint Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda in the Food and Nutrition Security and Sustainable Agriculture domain; and the consultation and liaison with relevant stakeholder communities, including research, the private sector, civil-society organisations and governments in Europe and Africa.
  1. Aim of the LEAP-Agri Projects’ kick off meeting

The main objective of the Seminar is to to have a platform in which will build and strengthen the LEAP-Agri community in order to have a common focus while implementing the overall LEAP-Agri project objectives.

In that respect, the aims of the of the LEAP-Agri Project’s kick off meeting are:

  • To present and discuss the broader context and partners of the LEAP-Agri programme
  • To create synergy between the projects and connection with LEAP-Agri as a programme
  • To support the networking and collaboration process of the projects along three clusters (1) Sustainable intensification, 2) Agriculture and food systems for nutrition 3) Expansion and improvement of agricultural markets and trade)
  • To inform about and discuss the M&E, especially for enhancing impact for the projects and the clusters
  • To discuss how to achieve common impact as a programme on EU-Africa Food and Nutrition Security and Sustainable Agriculture and Aquaculture
  • To share information about the 27 research projects including their respective theories of change and impact pathways co-funded by ERA-Net LEAP-Agri;
  1. Seminar expected outcomes
  • To enhance the inclusion and participation of the individual LEAP-Agri supported the projects’ consortium partners into the LEAP-Agri AU-EU multistakeholders network community on FNSSA
  • To create synergies between all the LEAP-Agri projects towards improving the impact of R&I collaborations in food systems
  1. Seminar Structure

The expected participants are:

  • The 30 ERA-Net Co-fund LEAP-Agri partners (Group of Funding Parties),
  • The 27 funded LEAP-Agri projects’ coordinators and consortium representatives , between 2-4 per project are expected and
  • AU & EC representatives as delegates and members of the EU AU HLPD FNSSA Bureau.

Meeting documents