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Harvesting the benefits – Insights from a selection of LEAP-Agri projects with Ducth consortium partners

From the following link you can now download our magazine focusing on six LEAP-Agri  projects which were designed and implemented by the consortium that included Dutch partners with a strong track record on food system and agricultural research.


Front page of the LEAP-Agri magazine

LEAP-Agri held its Final Conference on 27-28 October 2022 at the Palm Beach Hotel in Saly, Senegal

The ERA-Net cofund LEAP-Agri is a joint Europe and Africa Research and Innovation (R&I) initiative on Food and Nutrition Security and Sustainable Agriculture (FNSSA) launched in the frame of H2020 European program that implemented the priority one of the AU-UE Hight Level Policy Dialogue on Science, Technology, and Innovation.

The Senegalese Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation and the European Research Executive Agency from the European Commission honored LEAP-Agri with their presence and welcomed all the participants to Senegal.

The first day of the event was dedicated to the presentation of the results/outcomes/outputs from all the 27 co-funded collaborative research and innovation on FNSSA, the second one was dedicated to share LEAP-Agri propositions and recommendations to feed the priority one of the long-term EU-AU partnership on FNSSA. The second aimed at recording requests from different actors of the FNSSA sector for further AU-EU partnership on FNSSA on the basis of LEAP-Agri five years’ experience. The hybrid conference (physical and remote) was the final event of this initiative, held in the presence of the 30 partners of LEAP-Agri, including 24 Ministries and Funding Agencies (Group of Funders) and of the teams from the 27 R&I cofunded projects from at least 18 countries. 

Family photo of the final event


The final recommendations of LEAP-Agri were presented by the project coordinator Isabelle Hippolyte at the second day of the final event in Senegal. To download the file with the suggested recommendations click here.


View all the photos of the final event here!

For further information on the final event, please visit https://leap-agri.com/?page_id=156.


LEAP-Agri Knowledge Sharing and Stakeholders Engagement Matchmaking event ⇒ view details



LEAP-Agri short presentation 

LEAP-Agri is a joint Europe Africa Research and Innovation (R&I) initiative related to Food and Nutrition Security and Sustainable Agriculture (FNSSA). 30 partners, including 24 Ministries and Funding Agencies (Group of Funders) from 18 European and African countries decide to join their forces and funding to build an ERA-Net Cofund project with a financial support of the European Commission.  The project has two pillars, (i) funding R&I projects on FNSSA, and (ii) Feeding the long-term EU- AU partnership on FNSSA. The project start on 1st December 2016 for a 5 years duration. All 24 funding agencies defined the call for R&I projects priorities. The Call for R&I proposal on FNSSA has been launched on 15 March 2017 and 200 pre-proposals have been submitted. Based on an Independent Review Panel (IRP) evaluation and ranking of the proposals, and in relation to the 24 Funding agencies possibilities, 27 projects were selected for funding by the Group of Funders.  A total budget of 22,7 million € has been dedicated to the funding of the projects. The European Commission contribution (33% of the total budget) will be allocated to the funding agencies (on behalf French ANR, LEAP-Agri coordinator) so that they could fulfill their commitments related to the teams in the 27 selected projects. 

Long term EU-Africa research and innovation partnership on food and nutrition security and sustainable agriculture

The LEAP-Agri funded projects 

The 27 projects involve 250 African and European teams from 20 countries, and they cover a large range of thematic related to the Food system, as indicated in Annex 1. Each project involves at least two teams from African countries and two teams from European countries. Some project have much more participating teams including associated partners. Each national team in all 27 projects is funded by its national funding agency. Some European funding agency decide to contribute to fund of African teams.  Projects started their activities on 1st September 2018, for a 36 months duration. Variability exists between projects and teams related to their start in relation to funding contracts preparation and signature.

ERA-Net LEAP-Agri Cofunded Call 2017 | Mid-Term Impact Analysis